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IRS Tax Credits

In December of 2015 the United States Congress granted it’s 30% tax credit an extension. This un capped credit is good until the end of 2019. Property owners will receive an IRS credit equal to 30% of the installed price. This credit is available to both commercial and residential property owners. The time frame for the credit is as follows:

Do not wait until the tax credits are gone. IRS tax credits make the solar transition easier. Take a vacation with your 30% IRS tax credit or simply apply it. Install a solar panels system for your home or business and claim your IRS tax credit.


Oncor Energy Local Incentives

Oncor Energy customers have many reasons to go solar. The Clean Energy Act is requiring electric providers to produce power from 20% renewable sources. Failure to comply with these regulations will result in massive fines. Oncor Energy is now granting rebates for property owners who go solar. These incentives are for both home and business owners who own property. A rebate of $538 per Kw is available for both commercial and residential installations. There is a 10 Kw maximum rebate. Savings are substantial when you combine local and

Solar Installation Savings Cost Example With Rebates

System Size Price Per Kw Gross Cost Local Rebate 30% IRS Tax Credit Total System Costs
7 Kw $3.85 $26,950 $3,766 $6,955 $16,229
*IRS Tax credit is computed after applying rebates.

Solar rebates will not be around indefinitely. IRS tax credits will dwindle to 10% after 2022. Local Oncor Energy rebates are on a first come first serve basis. It is best to get in line as soon as possible. Do not wait until the last minute before going solar. The time to go green is now. Call one of our representatives at 210-987-7954 for more information.