Solar Services For The Dallas,
Fort Worth & Arlington Texas Metroplex Area

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Solar panels are booming in the state of Texas. Over 50,000 property owners have made the switch. provides a variety of solar services. We specialize in solar panel installation for both residential and commercial property owners. Our company designs, engineers and installs turnkey solar systems.

Call one of our representatives for a free solar consultation. We will analyze your current energy usage. Next we must determine the best possible roof top installation. Custom solar installations such as carports are also available. Ground mount equipment can be used for surface installations.

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Is your monthly electric bill eating up your bottom line? Does your business use power intensive equipment such as refrigeration, manufacturing equipment or any type of electric pumps? Solar is a perfect fit for any business owner uses large amounts of electricity. Car wash, laundromats, liquor stores, restaurants, car dealerships, florists, or almost anyone can reap huge savings from solar ……. read more



Are you looking for the perfect solution to rising electric costs?  If you answer yes to this question solar is exactly what you need.  Solar technology has come a long way since it was first invented.  The price of solar panels have fallen drastically.  A solar panel that produced 1 watt of power cost $300 in 1956.  Prices like this made solar unrealistic for the everyday home owner.  Today the price of solar is a fraction……. read more


Solar monitoring

Solar monitoring gives customers an extra edge.  Rest easy knowing that your solar investment is watched 24 hours a day.  We monitor your panels constantly for performance.  Your solar investment is protected via our internet technology.   Our system is notified immediately if and when there is ever a problem.  Customers depend upon a fully functional solar installation.  Production is lost when panels. ……. read more