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Fort Worth Texas Solar Panels

Fort Worth, Texas is the 5 largest city in Texas.  It is among the top 20 largest cities in the United States.  Ft. Worth has a population in excess of 800,000 residents.  Texas receives sun shine year round.  Fort Worth is no exception.  Solar energy is in abundance.  Solar panels are becoming less expensive and easy to install. is a professional solar installation company that services the Fort Worth area.  We install residential and commercial solar panels.  Find out why you should switch to solar.

Solar prices have dropped over the last 20 years.  Local and federal incentives are available to drop the price further.  Oncor Energy of TX recently announced its solar rebate program. Earn a $538 rebate for every Kw of solar power you purchase.  This rebate has a 10 Kw maximum.  Up to $5380 is available for business and homeowners who install solar.  The IRS solar credit is until 2019. An additional 30% tax credit is available.  Combine the rebates and your savings is huge.  Oncor Energy TX rebates are available for a limited time.   Click here for more information.

Solar Translates To Money

Solar panels turn into equity.  Berkeley Labs of California conducted a study to determine the resale value of solar panels.  They concluded that solar adds an additional $4 of property value per Kwh.  This means an 8 Kw system will add $32,000 of equity to your property.  Solar is exempt from property taxes.  Convert your electric bill into a savings outlet.  Fort Worth Texas solar panels pay for themselves.

Electric costs are on the rise.  Electricity rises nationwide about 7% every year.  10 years from now prices will double according to this trend.  Do not wait until your power bill is through the roof. Take advantage now and lock in your electric costs.  Solar power is environmentally friendly.  Coal and natural gas emit toxic fumes.  This results in global warming.  Forth Worth Texas solar panels are clean burning.  Electricity powered by the sun is always available.  Help stop our dependence on fossil fuels.  Go green and save. has financing programs available.  Choose from lending plans with easy terms.  No money down.  Low interest rates.  20-year pay off free from early payment penalties are available.   Click here for more information regarding solar financing.  To arrange a free solar consultation please submit an email or call us at 210-987-7954.  

Residential or Commercial Denton Texas Solar Panels Advantages

Lower Your Electricity Bill
Increase Your Property Value
Local Rebate Available  30%
IRS Tax Credit
Lock In Your Electric Rates
Reduce Your Carbon Footprint