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Arlington Texas Solar Panels

Arlington, Texas is the third hub in the DFW metroplex area.  This city boasts a population over 300,000 residents.  Sun light is readily available in this thriving Texas city.  Going green for home and business owners is easy.  Solar panels are becoming more popular.  SouthernSolarPower provides turnkey residential and commercial solar panel systems.  Find out how you can produce your electric power.

The price of solar panels have fallen since they were first invented.  Solar dates back to the 1950s.  It cost $300 to produce 1 kw of power.  Costs have fallen since then.  Oncor Energy of Tx wants to make it even cheaper.  Install a home or business solar panel system  and receive a rebate from Oncor.  $538 per Kw (with a 10 kw max) is available.  Earn up to $5380 from Oncor when you go solar.  Arlington Texas solar panels are very affordable.  

IRS Solar Tax Credit Extension

The IRS is extending it’s 30% tax credit until 2019.  Each year following the credit will fall.  This credit is without any ceiling.  Do not wait until local incentives or tax credits are over.  The time to go solar is now.  Combine local and Federal incentives and save up to 50%.  For more information about rebates click here.  

Solar panels adds additional value to your property.  Berkeley Labs of California did a study about resale value.  They determined that solar adds $4 per kwh you produce.  This translates to $28,000 of more equity from a 7 Kw system.  Stop throwing your money away every month.  Build equity instead. makes it easy to go green.  Finance your next solar installation with one of our lending partners.  No money down.  Low interest.  20-year terms with no early payment penalties.   Click here for more information regarding solar financing.  Going solar has never been better.  Solar power is clean and renewable.  To arrange a free solar consultation please submit an email or call us at 210-987-7954.  

Residential or Commercial Arlington Texas Solar Panels Advantages

Lower Your Electricity Bill
Increase Your Property Value
Local Rebate Available
30% IRS Tax Credit
Lock In Your Electric Rates
Reduce Your Carbon Footprint