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Plano Texas Solar Panels

Plano, Texas is a bustling Dallas suburb with a population of more than 250,000.  Residents of this Texas town enjoy year round sunshine as well.  It is estimated that Texas produces enough sunlight to power the USA.  All this sun makes Plano, Texas a great place to take advantage of solar power.  Plano, Texas solar panels are easy to install on just about any home or business.  The cost of solar is easily affordable thanks to technology. Take a look at some of the advantages that solar panels have to offer.

Renewable energy is affordable.  Prices have dropped, tax incentives extended and local rebates ready to go.  Oncor energy is offering current customers a rebate of $538 per Kw, with a 10 Kw max.  Plano, Texas residents can save up to $5380 on residential or commercial solar panels.  A 30% tax credit is available until the year 2019.  Save big dollars on a turnkey solar package when you combine local and national incentives.  For more information about Plano Texas Solar Panels “click here”.

Transform energy into equity with solar panels.  Solar panels add $4 per Kwh produced.  A 7 Kw Plano Texas solar panels system will add around $28,000 of additional equity in your property. A study done by Berkeley Labs of California determined this statistic.  This additional value is also exempt from additional property taxes. Stop throwing your money away every month.  Go solar and slash or eliminate your electric bill each month.  

Electric costs rise on average 7% each year.  This is a nationwide statistic.  Do not wait 10 years for your utility bill to double.  Lock in your electric rates today.  Save money and save the environment at the same time.  Help reduce our carbon footprint.  Fossil fuels produce toxic chemicals responsible for climate change. Solar energy is clean, efficient as well as renewable. can finance your solar panel installation 100%.  We offer a variety of easy to qualify lending plans.  Low interest rates, no money down and 20 year terms are available.  Pay your loan early without any penalties.  For more information in regards to solar financing click here.  To arrange a free solar consultation please submit an email or call us at 210-987-7954.